Appointee Information

Explanation of the SC ARRL Field Service Appointee Duties and Responsibilities

The Top Section Appointments (Cabinet) made by the Section Manager Include:

  • Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC)
  • Assistant Section Manager (ASM)
  • Bulletin Manager (BM) [Appoints Official Bulletin Stations (OBS)]
  • Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) [Appoints Official Observers (OO)
  • Public Information Coordinator (PIC) [Appoints Public Information Officers (PIO)]
  • Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) [Appoints District Emergency Coordinators (DEC), Emergency Coordinators (EC), and Official Emergency Stations (OES)]
  • State Government Liason (SGL) [Appoints Local Government Liasons (LGL)]
  • Section Traffic Manager (STM) [Appoints Net Managers (NM) and Official Relay Stations (ORS)]
  • Technical Coordinator (TC) [Appoints Technical Specialists (TS)]

The positions that have been filled are seen above.  The remainder of the positions are still open, and I will be happy to hear from those who wish to apply for those positions.

The formal responsibilities of these positions are available on the ARRL Website:

Please read and understand the duties and responsibilities of these positions prior to expressing an interest in filling them.

Here is some additional info and requirements regarding these positions:

A word about structure of the SC field organization-The top section officials will appoint and cancel appointments of members within their programs.  For example, the SEC will appoint DEC’s (District Emergency Coordinators), EC’s (Emergency Coordinators) and OES’s (Official Emergency Stations).  The STM will appoint ORS (Official Relay Stations) and so on.

Each Top Level Appointee will be REQUIRED to submit MONTHLY reports to the SM regarding their respective programs.  They will also require their appointees to send reports to them on a monthly basis (to formulate/add to their report and forward to the SM).

The key word is COMMUNICATION!  Being responsive to members is essential.  If a member contacts you regarding your respective program, you, or one of your appointees is expected to respond to that individual or club in a timely fashion.

Philosophy: All that participate in the ARRL field organization are volunteers, and will be treated as such; that is, with respect and gratitude for their contributions.  There will not be discrimination based on license class in this administration.  Upgrading will be encouraged, though, to allow for greater flexibility during times of emergencies, and to enjoy all that amateur radio has to offer.

E-mail capability is a must, and reports should be in an e-mail format, either as plain e-mail or an attached .doc file.


Now for some general information about ALL appointments:

You MUST be an ARRL member to have an ARRL appointment. ARRL membership is important to you as well as ALL Amateur Radio Operators. Membership info is available on the ARRL website:

Once you are granted an appointment, you have the opportunity of ordering an ARRL badge.  This badge identifies you as an ARRL member and a Section Appointee.  You are encouraged to order one of these badges-it adds accessibility of your respective program to others that meet you at amateur radio events, including hamfests.  It shows that you are an ARRL member, and that is good publicity for new licensees-Strength is in numbers, and we need more ARRL members in this state.  When I first campaigned, I received 1500 mailing labels.  Two years later I received approximately the same number.  We need to grow our ranks!

To apply for an ARRL badge, information is available here:

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