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Which US states have the most hams? Which have the fewest? Check out the charts below:

Factoid charts 1 and 2

Our own state, SC, comes in at number 30.

The image below shows what happens when the world’s countries are resized according to their population of amateur radio operators. Japan, whose amateur radio population is the largest of any country and roughly double that of second-place USA, dominates the resized map. Of course, there are two countries that do not appear at all on the resized map: North Korea and Yemen, which do not allow their citizens to operate amateur radio equipment.

Ham Radio Factoids fig 1



    • Kim on April 14, 2016 at 11:21 pm
    • Reply

    Can I get the info on who is the EC for Greenville Co. and his contact info.

    Kim W4OSS

    1. The Greenville County EC is Johnny Allison WD4DYH. He can be reached at: jallison0529@mindspring.com

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DEC/EC Contact List

SOUTH CAROLINA SECTION EMERGENCY COORDINATORS                             County         Name                                   Call Sign               E-mail AddressAnderson     Anson Hawkins               KN4UPY         kn4upy@gmail.comBeaufort      Jim Campbell             KB9LX            KB9LX@arrl.netBerkeley        Linda Selleck                  KJ4EVV           kj4evv@gmail.comCalhoun        Robert Bogan                  AE3RB            rbogan.sc@gmail.comCharleston   Rick Valentine            N8BKN           n8bkn@arrl.netCherokee     Randell Phillips              N4JRP             jrphillips69@gmail.comChesterfield  Andy Jasiewicz              KD2LQA          jaswcz559@gmail.comClarendon     Preston Tobias                W4GSR           cueball910@gmail.comDarlington   Lloyd Mitchell              KO4L              imitchell@gmail.comDorchester    Beverly Boyd                   W3BRB    Beverly.boyd30@gmail.comEdgefield      Donald  Zupon                W3MIF           W3MIF@YAHOO.COMFlorence       David Milligan              …

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Multi-band Dipole Dimensions

TWO-BAND DESIGNS                                      TWO-BAND DESIGNS Bands Radiator    Ladder Line      Lower Resonance     Upper Resonance            Length (ft)  Length (ft)        Freq (MHz)  SWR    Freq (MHz)  SWR                                         VF = 0.975/40    144.83          89.50               3.87                1.8       7.25                1.6 30/17       54.75         36.17              10.12               1.8     18.12                1.3 20/17       77.67         76.17              14.13               1.7     18.11                1.6 20/15       51.00         50.67              14.17               1.1     21.27                1.2 20/12       68.00         46.67              14.15               1.7     24.92                1.5 17/12       28.58         46.67              18.11               1.6     24.95                1.5 17/10       …

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JTAlert Intro/Tutorial

JTAlert is a great program that works with WSJT-X with a ton of features for a small application. Automate your FT8 logging into your favorite electronic log from WSJT-X and help keep up with your DXCC, WAS, WAC, WAZ, and many others at a glance and get alerts when something you need us on.

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FT8 Intro/Tutorial with WSJT-X

A Video from our Technical Coordinator on WSJT-X and the new and exciting mode of FT8!

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